The Benefits of Applying for Medical Insurance Online

People who have some type of medical insurance will tell you that one of the best things about having coverage is that it makes healthcare much more affordable, especially when compared to going without insurance or self-insuring (paying out of pocket). If you have health insurance, and even if you don’t, it can be very beneficial to get the coverage that works best for you by applying online at your state’s health insurance exchange website. Here are some reasons why this process can save you time and money in the long run.

Why Medical Insurance?

It’s important to have medical insurance so that if you get sick or hurt and need healthcare, your needs are covered. The right policy will cover things like doctor visits, prescription drugs, preventative care, and more. It can also cover things like dental services, eyeglasses, and hearing aids – whatever your health requires. Regardless of whether you want a basic plan that covers major illnesses or a high-end plan with perks like daycare or financial planning help, you should shop around and find a policy that best fits your budget and lifestyle. And applying online is an excellent way to start looking at coverage options: You can compare plans from different companies quickly on one site. You can apply in just minutes from any computer or device connected to the internet.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Medical Insurance?

Getting medical insurance is a good idea if you have significant medical bills, expect to get very sick in a short period of time, or have chronic illnesses that need ongoing care. Health insurance can be complicated and it’s best to know your options before committing to one option. The good news is that there are options. You can compare health insurance online which means you don’t even have to go through agents or brokers. Getting quotes from different providers will give you an idea of what your plan costs per month, what it covers, and more importantly how much each additional service costs on its own because many plans are tiered based on your existing conditions or medications.

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What Does it Cover?

Are you trying to decide between going with a Medicare Advantage plan and a traditional Medicare plan? Does it seem like there are far too many acronyms for your taste? There’s no need to worry! A lot of these plans overlap, and you can get a sense of what each offers. One such plan is Original Medicare. This is exactly what it sounds like—the original version of health insurance offered by government healthcare programs. It offers basic coverage at an affordable rate, but there may be additional fees based on things like your income and whether or not you have other insurance through your employer.

Who Can Get Medical Insurance?

The most common type of medical insurance, especially in America, is called health insurance. Health insurance is generally only available to people who have a job or otherwise qualify through certain organizations such as Medicaid. The main benefit of health insurance, besides being covered in case you get really sick or injured, is that your care is paid by an insurance company rather than out-of-pocket. You can visit any doctor or hospital without paying beforehand and without having to file any claims afterward. The major drawback of health insurance is that it’s expensive; most people don’t even bother with it until they’re older and have more expenses coming up.

When Do I Need It?

The Affordable Care Act requires that everyone purchase health insurance by January 1, 2014. If you fail to purchase insurance and are without coverage for more than three months, you may face a tax penalty from the Internal Revenue Service. If you need medical coverage and don’t qualify for health insurance through your employer or family member’s employment, you must apply for an individual policy through either a state-based or federal exchange by March 31, 2014. Applications will be accepted until November 15th but there is no guarantee that plans will be available until closer to open enrollment in October. Many applicants prefer to enroll online because it simplifies many steps associated with other means of enrollment such as mail-in forms and faxing back signatures.

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Should I Apply Now Or Later?

When it comes to applying for health insurance, you have a lot of options and a lot of factors to consider. In general, we recommend applying early in your year-long open enrollment period. This gives you time to shop around, be evaluated by your doctor, and make sure all your medical information is up-to-date. It also ensures that you get coverage as soon as possible (particularly important if you’re applying during a special enrollment period). On the other hand, getting approved can take a few weeks—and medical emergencies don’t always wait for deadlines! So there may be times when it makes sense to postpone applying until later in open enrollment.

Does My Employer Offer Health Coverage?

This is a critical question to ask—and answer—before you start looking into your own coverage. The problem? Some employers offer health benefits that they consider cafeteria plans, meaning they don’t fit neatly into categories like PPO or HMO and have odd rules on co-pays and deductibles. Check with your human resources department about what kind of medical coverage you are eligible for through work and make sure it is what you want. If it isn’t, now might be a good time to check out some other options for medical insurance online (or at least educate yourself about what’s available). If there are no benefits offered through work, then read on… *(Example only provided) And if things go well, he won’t need his employer’s plan anyway. As independent contractors, Uber drivers can choose whatever medical insurance best fits their situation without worrying about whether it meets their employer’s requirements or coverage offerings. Most young people are risk-takers anyway –the median age of an Uber driver is 33 –so they’ll likely decide based on price alone if they decide to pay extra for supplemental coverages (many drivers choose not to.) The point is: There will come a day when most people won’t even know what an HMO was – so we should prepare our kids accordingly.

Should I Buy an Individual Plan or Through My Employer?

When it comes to medical insurance, you basically have two options: getting insurance through your employer or getting a policy that’s independent of your job. The obvious advantage to having health coverage through work is that you get coverage without paying any extra money. You also don’t have to worry about comparing plans or anything like that—because all you need to do is enroll in your company’s plan and pay an employee contribution (usually less than $100 per month). Plus, if your employer offers a great plan with lower co-pays and low deductibles, switching could cost you out-of-pocket money.

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How do I apply online?

The first step in applying for medical insurance online is to visit your healthcare provider’s website and sign up. You can usually do so on their home page. If you don’t have a provider, or don’t know who you want to be your primary care physician, select a local hospital instead and browse their list of doctors until you find one that appeals to you. From there, you can request an appointment with them via email or phone and set up a time to meet during which they will get your health history and discuss any medication needs that might exist. They may also perform physical exams or take blood samples at that time in order to get a baseline reading. They will usually send these results directly to your insurance company.


With medical insurance being such a huge industry, it makes sense that you should use technology to make getting your coverage as easy as possible. Many people can save time and money by applying for their medical insurance online instead of over the phone. By creating an account and logging in, you can ensure that you have accurate information about yourself on file. And because most applications are digital, when you need to update or add something to your application, it’s very easy. Creating an account is free and only takes a few minutes so there’s no reason not to do it—and no reason not to apply online when signing up for health insurance. We hope you find all that you need with our guide! Please let us know if we can help with anything else!



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