How to create premier bank account in Bangladesh

Open Premier Bank Account Process

If you want to create a DPS or savings account under Premier Bank, you need to know the Premier Bank DPS rate before creating that account. Premier Bank’s DPS Rate will be discussed in detail in today’s article. So let’s start now without delay. In this blog we gonna discuss about How to create premier bank account in Bangladesh step by step.

Premier Bank DPS Term

If you want to create a Premier Bank Deposit Account, you will be able to create a Deposit Account with this bank for different periods if you wish.

This means that if you want, you can create an account with a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 12 years. Now you can create a deposit account and save money in any of these terms.

Premier Bank Deposit Monthly Scheme

The details of the monthly deposit scheme of Premier Bank are given below.

Time Limitation


Interest Rate


3 years

Tk. 500.00

@ 6.75%


5 years

Tk. 500.00

@ 6.75%


10 years

Tk. 500.00

@ 7.00%


12 years

Tk. 500.00

@ 7.00%


Who can create an account?

Bangladeshi citizens who are above 18 years of age.

Some features of deposit account

  • If you create this deposit account, you do not have to pay in the first place. That means no money has to be paid as initial installment.
  • You can deposit money every month if you want. Starting from a minimum of 500 rupees.
  • It is possible to create an account from a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 12 years.
  • Also the installment will be transferred automatically.
  • A customer can create more than one account if he wants.

Premier Bank DPS Account Papers

  • If you want to create a DPS account, all the paperwork required is discussed below.
  • Voter ID card passport or any kind of identification card of the person who will create the account. – (Same for nominees)
  • You will also need two passport size photos of the account holder. – (Same for nominees)
  • E Tin Certificate. Latest monthly statement. That is the receipt of the latest income.
  • Utility Bill Receipt.

How to create a Premier Bank Deposit Account?

If you want to create an account, you must first collect the information mentioned above, that is, keep all the documents in the account.

Once the paperwork is done, you will need to download and fill out an account opening form to create an account.

Download Account Opening Form

However, whenever you go to the bank with the paperwork, they will give you an account opening form on their own. If you fill it, the work will be done.

However, if you want, you can fill up the account opening form in advance. You can also apply directly from below if you want.

Apply Now

All the information related to Premier Bank DPS account that you need to be informed is discussed above.

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